Welcome to Coquí Press

Coquí Press is a small press book publisher that focuses on the following niches:

  • Gender / Race / LGBTQIA Issues and Advocacy
  • Organic and Sustainable Farming
  • Politics
  • Addiction
  • Mental Health
All manuscripts accepted for publication go through a rigorous internal review process. Whether your book requires a light proofreading or substantive edit, count on us to make your book say exactly what you intended it to say.
Your book isn’t just a bunch of words to us. Each book has a unique personality, and the layout & design should reflect this. From colors and style to cover design, you'll work with our designers to get your book the way you want it.
eBook and Printing
You have a choice about how you want your book published. Sometimes an eBook is all you need. Other times you need the wow factor of a paperback or a hardcover. At Coquí Press, you're always in the driver seat.
Outside of your friends and family, how can you get people reading your book? We specialize in just a few niches because these are ones we are passionate about. Trust the marketing team to get your book out there so people will buy it.
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