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Stick Your Neck Out…

We’re here to facilitate the creation and distribution of resources that spark and sustain a different conversation around race, gender, sexuality, class, marginalization, addiction and politics. The works we publish represent those who are most intimately affected and least often heard. The works we publish represent you.

“My mission is to disrupt established publishing culture by giving authors whose views run counter to the mainstream, or who themselves are marginalized because of race / gender / sexual orientation, a safe place to publish their books.” –Sarah Ratliff

By seeking out projects that are often overlooked by mainstream publishers (traditional, independent and small press alike), we’re giving new and emerging contrarian, revolutionary, unconventional voices a seat at the table. We publish perspectives that break down barriers, challenge rusted-out paradigms and celebrate the dizzying diversity of the human experience.

About the Founder

After spending over 20 years in corporate America, Sarah and her husband decided to give up their all-consuming, consuming all lifestyle. They quit their jobs in biotech, sold their house and bought a farm in Puerto Rico. Once it became obvious one of them would have to go back to work, Sarah took to the virtual streets in search of freelance work. The pivotal moment came when she had to choose which avenue to pursue to earn money: do what she had always done, marketing or follow her life-long dream of being a writer.

Both parents had earned their living as writers. Dad was the head writer for ABC News from 1974 to 1988 and was Senator Robert Kennedy’s speechwriter before that. Mom was a writer and editor for The New Yorker Magazine and The Atlantic.

Believing the apple couldn’t have fallen too far from the tree, without a single sample to prove she had an ounce of writing talent, Sarah pitched her first client.

One ghostwritten article turned into several, which led to her being so busy, she needed to hire first one, then two and then multiple writers. And in March 2010 Coquí Content Marketing, LLC was born.

Over time this team of writers went from producing content on a variety of topics to narrowing their focus to medical / health, addiction and mental health, politics, organic farming and gender / race / LGBTQIA advocacy.

Responding to the need of authors who found it difficult to publish their books on non-mainstream topics, creating Coquí Press and publishing titles that complement those of Coquí Content Marketing made sense.

In March 2016, Sarah co-founded Multiracial Media with stand up comic and host of the Multiracial Family Man podcast Alex Barnett. Multiracial Media is a platform that showcases the artistic expression of those in the multiracial community.

Committed to fighting all the isms one book at a time, everything Sarah puts her stamp on meets this objective.


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