Is a Niche Publisher the Best Choice for You? Here’s Why it Might Be.
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Our political democracy may be in a shambles, but in publishing the most radical form of democracy imaginable (unlimited self-publishing) has triumphed. In modern publishing, freedom and equality of access reign supreme, and no one can censor or silence you if you have ideas to share.

But the question has to be asked—is this “opportunity” all it’s cracked up to be?

Sure, you can self publish a book or go the route of publishing a book online on your own with no inconvenience and minimal financial investment if no traditional publishing houses are interested. But without the financial backing and the marketing expertise offered by one of the larger outfits, will it find an audience? Beyond getting your friends and family to buy your book (and believe me when I say those pleas often fall on deaf ears, despite their love of and adoration for you), will your voice be heard or will it be just another cry in the wilderness, lost in the collective din of the millions of other self-published books currently in circulation? All of those self-published books are also vying for readers’ attention against books penned by well-known authors and beautiful people who’ve hired ghostwriters to tell their stories—both of whom were able to snag big dollar deals with traditional houses that will stop at nothing to recoup their dizzying advances.

Fortunately there is a middle ground between traditional and self-publishing. Decentralization in the publishing industry has empowered small press niche publishing firms like Coquí Press, which exist to fill the content gaps left open by profit-oriented conventional publishers and the marketing and publicity gaps that plague most self-published ventures.

The Niche Publisher Advantage

If you choose to work with a niche publisher, here’s what you can expect:

  • A direct line to the book publishing industry without the need for literary agents or other intermediaries.
  • A team of energetic professionals committed to helping new authors launch their careers and introduce their ideas to a wider audience.
  • Personalized attention from a dedicated group of people determined to get your book—and you —out there and into circulation.
  • Unlimited opportunities to make suggestions, ask questions and provide real-time feedback.
  • Niche publishers reject the top-down model of decision-making.
  • Targeted, niche-specific services in layout, design, editing, marketing and promotions.
  • Subject matter expertise that matches and complements yours.
  • An outlet where fresh perspectives, new ideas and unique insights aren’t just tolerated but encouraged. If it has been said before, niche publishers aren’t interested in saying it again (and neither are you—we know that).
  • As overrated as this word sounds, passionate people who themselves benefit from seeing books like yours in print.

Okay, here’s where I have to make a confession. I’m not a spokesperson for the niche publishing industry and have no idea if other companies can deliver on these promises. But if you come to Coquí Press we absolutely can and will deliver, because this is our mission and we never compromise.

Unlike the large, traditional publishing houses, Coquí Press offers a highly customized publishing experience. We know where to find your audience and they know where to find us, and that mutual familiarity opens doors that otherwise might stay closed.

But niche publishers like Coquí Press reverse the equation. We’ll make you a big fish and set you loose to swim in a small pond, side-by-side with like-minded companions who understand you and will pay to hear what you have to say.

Your Niche or Mine?

If you’re motivated to write about these topics …

  • Race / Gender / LGBTQIA issues and advocacy
  • Addiction
  • Mental health
  • Organic and sustainable farming
  • Politics
  • Health
  • And really any advocacy books

… Coquí Press is interested in hearing from you. I operate a content marketing agency that specializes in these subject areas, and if you are a fellow traveler, rest assured everyone on my team shares your interest and desire to inform, educate and advocate.

As critics of the established order, we have written and published in defense of the marginalized and the oppressed and in favor of peace, equality and social justice. If these are your passions, too, you would be an amazing fit with Coquí Press and it would be an honor to work with you to help you meet your goals as a writer.

Your Voice, Your Vision, Our Project

Some might consider your ideas and manner of expressing them outrageous, provocative, scandalous, politically incorrect, impertinent, impolitic or inclined to cause trouble. We might even share those impressions.

The difference is, we welcome the outrageous, provocative, scandalous, politically incorrect, impertinent, impolitic and inclined to cause trouble.

You have a vision to share and we are always on the lookout for visionaries, so we may very well be the perfect publisher for you.

Contact us today and let’s find out if we’re a match.








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